Assessing Autism Caledonia - Strategies for Playing Games with Kids Who Have ASD or ADHD

Dr. Nicole Beurkens
Dr. Nicole Beurkens
16 Mar 2020

⁣One of the thing adults often struggle with when trying to engage a child with autism, ADHD, or other neurodevelopmental issues in playing a game is helping the child stay oriented to them and not just the activity itself. When an adult gets out a game the child may immediately become focused on looking at and touching the items rather than focusing on playing the game together. This makes it very difficult for adults to guide the child to actually engage in playing the game together. We can help you in assessing autism Caledonia.

You will know you’ve gotten it right when both of you enjoy playing games together. Let us help you in assessing autism Caledonia! Visit our website today or you can call us at (616) 698-0306 for inquiries!

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